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Community Programs

The Caring Neighbor’s Program is designed for Senior Citizens and those who are disabled that may not have family or friends in the area who check on them on a regular basis. An Officer with the Stanfield Police Department will come out, visit, and check two to three times a week on the citizens who sign up for this program. If an Officer is unable to visit, they will at least telephone the resident to see how they are doing. If you are interested in signing up for the Caring Neighbor’s Program you can fill out the registration form below and turn it in either to Stanfield Town Hall or the Stanfield Police Department.

The Alzheimer’s/Dementia Program is designed to help police begin their search faster for persons with these conditions who may wander away from home. According to statistics, 60 percent of people with Alzheimer’s will wander away. When they are located within 24 hrs the survival rate is 93 percent, which means that 1 out of every 14 will not make it home alive. Of those lost for more than 24 hrs only a third will survive. Only 20 percent of those missing more than 72 hrs will make it home alive. The goal of this program is to insure a safe return of a loved one that may suffer from either Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Having this form completed in its entirety will greatly increase the chance of survival in the case of a disappearance with officers being able to begin a search immediately. A caretaker may print and fill out the registration form below, provide pictures of their loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and turn it in to Stanfield Town Hall or the Police Department.

Residential Security Check Request – Residents of the Town of Stanfield can request their home be check for security while away.