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Mayor Kevin BarbeeWelcome and thank you for visiting our town’s website. We invite you to come for a short visit or a lifelong journey in a place we call home. Stanfield is a place some people come to visit and others to take up residence. Comments from long time residents range from,” I can remember when,” to “I sure am glad we have a safe peaceful small town”.

For those of us that have been here all our lives, Stanfield is a safe, peaceful town tucked away from the fast paced hectic world. We know our friends and neighbors and all share the good life Stanfield offers. Many new residents have commented on how living in Stanfield just seem right and we hear things like “you have no idea just how good of a school you have in Stanfield. The teachers and staff are great and my kids love it here” and “I love being able to come home in the afternoon, take a walk along the road without worry or bother, it’s great” “it’s such a joy to be able to go up the road a few miles to get what I need and in less than 5 minutes be back in a slow, relaxed, safe environment.”

Stanfield is a place with much to do and see. Throughout the year at Pete Henkel Park, cars will be looking for a place to park. Youth sports are supported for the entire Stanfield area. If you enjoy walking, Stanfield has a one mile walkway along Love Chapel Road and if you need a fitness center, Family Sports Fitness is here for you. We have reconstructed an old log barn on the corner of Hwy 200 and West Stanly Street to stay in touch with our past. Many times in spring and fall you may have to wait for your turn to take pictures at the barn. If you ride through Stanfield on some nights a crowd is present at Jake’s Java for music and dancing. We have churches at multiple locations and multiple denominations. These are just a few local places that come to mind.

If you like the beach or the mountains Stanfield is only 3 hours away either direction. We are a progressive community with controlled development. Our services include police, fire, trash pick up, street lighting, water and sewer just to name a few.

Again, Thank You for visiting our website and Please contact me or the town staff should you have any questions or comments.

Kevin Barbee
Mayor Stanfield, NC

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1 day ago

Stanfield Police Department

A job well done by all agencies involved. This is welcome news to Stanfield and all local communities. Addicts and dealers dont care about city, county, or state lines and travel to get poison like this and bring it back to our communities. Those same city, county and state lines do have to be recognized by law enforcement however and often make it difficult to fight the problem. So often we see addicts and the problems associated in our small communities but the source is out of our reach (jurisdiction). Arrests like these don't just make a difference in that city, they make a difference in all communities in Stanly County. It is great to see State and Federal agencies helping local communities! #TeamworkIn an effort to combat criminal activity in the City of Albemarle, members of the Albemarle Police Department collaborated with members of the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations, and Homeland Security executed a search warrant at 577 Washington Lane in Albemarle this morning. Once inside the home, Officers, Deputies, and Agents seized 143 grams of Heroin, 0.4 grams of Crack Cocaine, 1.8 grams of Marijuana, and $2,837.00 of US Currency. Arrested inside the home were Zannie Jay Lotharp (33 years old) and Shonteya Christina Harris (32 years old) of 577 Washington Lane.

Mr. Lotharp was charged with two counts of Felony Trafficking Opium or Heroin, two counts of Felony Possession of Heroin, two counts of Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, and Deliver Heroin, Felony Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, and Deliver Cocaine, Felony Possession of Cocaine, Felony Maintain a Dwelling for keeping and selling controlled substance, two counts of Misdemeanor Possession Marijuana and two counts of Misdemeanor Possession Drug Paraphernalia. He was transported to the Magistrate’s Office and received a $500,000.00 secured bond and a court date of October 29th, 2018 at 9:00 am.

Miss Harris was charged with Felony Trafficking Opium or Heroin, Felony Possess Heroin, Possess with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, and Deliver Heroin, Felony Possess with Intent to Manufacture, Sell, and Deliver Cocaine, Felony Possession of Cocaine, Felony Maintain a Dwelling for keeping and selling controlled substances, Misdemeanor Possession Marijuana, and Misdemeanor Possession Drug Paraphernalia. She was transported to the Magistrate’s Office and received a $500,000.00 secured bond and a court date of October 29th, 2018 at 9:00 am.
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3 days ago

Stanfield Police Department

Thanks to the attentiveness of our local citizens, there are fewer dangerous drugs on the street in Stanfield today.

On Wednesday, October 17th the Stanfield Police Department received a call about a suspicious vehicle in the Willow Creek subdivision. Upon investigating this vehicle, our officer made contact with Christopher Brett Lambeth and Richard Lee Phillip's, Jr.

Based on this investigation, these subjects were subsequently placed under arrest for the following charges and booked into the Stanly County Jail under a bond of $1500 each.

Christopher Brett Lambeth
•Possess with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver methamphetamine
•Possess marijuana
•Possess drug paraphernalia

Richard Lee Phillips Jr.
•Possess methamphetamine
•Possess drug paraphernalia

We appreciate the vigilance of our citizens in helping to keep Stanfield safe.
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The Police Department is excited about the Barbershop next door to us now being open and under new ownership. Come see Steve at Set Apart Barbershop to stay sharp and clean looking! ... See MoreSee Less

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It is the season for political signs to be cropping up all over the place and we would like to take a minute to remind everyone of the regulations regarding the display of political signs.

North Carolina state law requires that permission be received from any property owner before a sign may be placed on private property. Also, the signs may not obscure motorist visibility at intersections or obscure or replace another sign and they must be at least three feet from the edge of the pavement of the road.

The Town of Stanfield's ordinances further restrict the display of political signs within the town limits. While the state of North Carolina permits signs on the state right-of-way during election time, the Town of Stanfield prohibits any signs on the public right-of-way at any time.

The applicable section from the Town of Stanfield Zoning Ordinance is copied below for clarification...

9-11 Temporary Signs Limited

The following temporary signs are allowed without a zoning permit in all zoning districts, but shall be in conformance with all other requirements of this ordinance.

(A) Campaign or election signs shall be permitted provided that:
(1) Individual signs shall not exceed 16 square feet in area nor four (4) feet in height.
(2) All signs shall be removed within seven (7) days after the election for which they were made.
(3) No signs shall be permitted in the public right-of-way.

Any questions regarding the placement of campaign signs can be directed to Officer Christopher McDaniel, CZO at cmcdaniel-police@stanfieldnc.com.
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Join us in welcoming Officer C.B. Lowery to the Stanfield Police Department. If you see him on patrol, be sure to say hello. He is looking forward to serving our community. ... See MoreSee Less

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